Tuesday 12 October 2021

What should farmers do to avoid possible losses due to lack of DAP?

DAP lack

Sowing of Rabi crops especially oilseed crops has started in many areas of the country. At the time of sowing, farmers are most in need of seeds as well as fertilizers, but there is a shortage of DAP fertilizers at many places. Considering the shortage, SSP fertilizers can be used in place of DAP.

Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states are continuously advising farmers to use Single Super Phosphate with Urea in place of DAP. While SSP is easily available in the market, it is also cheaper than DAP and also provides more nutrients to the soil.

The supply of fertilizers like DAP in the country is largely dependent on foreign imports. Low imports this year have widened the gap between demand and supply of DAP across the country, affecting several states. If we talk about this 2021, then during the month of April to September, the central government has supplied only 3.07 lakh metric tonnes of DAP to us against the demand of 4.50 lakh metric tonnes in the state, which was a lot of work, the same 1.50 lakh metric tonnes in the month of October. Against the demand of 68 thousand metric tonnes of DAP has been approved. This has led to shortage of DAP in the state. The State Governments are continuously making efforts to improve the supply of DAP.

Farmers benefit by spraying Single Super Phosphate (SSP)

Farmers can use alternative phosphatic fertilizers SSP and NPK to avoid possible losses due to deficiency of DAP. SSP is a phosphorus-rich fertilizer, containing 18 percent phosphorus and 11 percent sulphur. Due to the sulfur present in it, this fertilizer is more beneficial than other fertilizers for oilseeds and pulses. Spraying of SSP with Urea provides 5 nutrients. If they use a single super phosphate and urea fertilizer instead of DAP as the basal dosage, it will prove to be more effective than DAP, as DAP contains two nutrients. Nitrogen 18 percent and phosphorus 46 percent are found in single super phosphate, while phosphorus 16 percent, calcium 18.5 percent, sulfur 12, magnesium 0.5 percent are found. Urea contains 46% nitrogen, so farmers can supply 5 nutrients by mixing SSP and urea.
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