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Neem ( Azadirachta Indica) Insecticide Role and Benefits

Due to the continuous use of chemical insecticides, the resistance of these harmful insects is increasing, and they do not die. On the contrary, beneficial predatory insects found in nature are also being adversely affected.


Therefore, keeping in view the present circumstances, there is a need to adopt effective and less costly methods of pest control to take production of pure fruits and vegetables. The main and effective method is - pest control with solution prepared from Neem leaves and nimboli (neemseed). It is an easy and less costly method as well as farmer brothers can easily make this pesticide at home. It just has to be sprayed on time.

Method of making batter with Neem leaves and Neem seed

To prepare the solution, grind 1 kg of neem leaves or nimboli kernels to a fine paste. After this, tie it in a cloth bag and immerse it in water and keep it overnight and on the second day after squeezing the juice, throw the pulp or use it for making compost. Mix this juice in 10 liters of water. In this way a solution of 10 percent will be prepared. Protect the crop from pests by spraying this solution from time to time as needed.

To control the borer, start spraying before flowering. Keep this spraying on the crop at an interval of 10-15 days. Till the time the fruits are coming, Neem cake is used in the control of harmful insects found in the soil like termites, white-brained and micro-organisms like nematode.

Immersing the roots of tomato plants for some time before spraying them in a solution of neem leaves or neem cake water significantly reduces the number of nematodes. Neem cake (1000 – 1200 kg/ha) in tomato, brinjal and chilli field is used as a soil treatment to effectively control nematode worms. In this way, if farmers use Neem leaves and nimboli (neemseed) in pest control, then they can prevent the outbreak of pests on the crop. There is no danger of any kind from its spray.

Benefits of insecticide made from Neem

  • Cheap and easy to make.
  • Does not pollute the environment.
  • Effective against all harmful insects.
  • Toxic and safe.
  • For control of pod borer in gram crop, three sprays of Nimboli solution are necessary and first after 20 days of crop growth, second after 40 days and third spray after flowering.
  • Control of aphid (Mahu) in mustard is possible with neem seeds, leaves, oil cake and oil and by spraying 1-2 kg nimboli powder per quintal of wheat, jowar and maize to protect against trogonema pest for 4 to 12 months.
  • Protection from pests of all stored cereals from 6 months to 12 months if 1 kg Nimboli powder per quintal mixed with gram, peas and other groups.
  • Its oil (500 ml / quintal) mixed with gram and kept for 6 months plus protection against beetles.
  • Protection of grains from all types of stored grain pests for 135 days by mixing 2, 4, 8 and 10% dry leaves of neem with wheat, jowar (cereals).
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