Monday 8 November 2021

Mushrooms grown on sugarcane straw with new technology


Umbrella-shaped mushrooms are said to be a storehouse of nutritional properties and these days demand is also high in the Indian as well as international market. Today, many farmers are associated with mushroom cultivation. There is a reason for this too. Small and marginal farmers can earn good profits by starting mushroom cultivation in less space and less cost. 

In comparison to the traditional cultivation of many crops like wheat, paddy, the income is higher in this. For the last few years, the government is also promoting mushroom cultivation. The special thing about this cultivation is that this crop gives 12 months income to the farmers. Farmers can cultivate different varieties of mushroom throughout the year. One such variety is the button mushroom. In this article, we are going to tell you about such a technique of button mushroom, which is not only full of nutritional properties, but also gives more production.

Compost prepared from sugarcane


Compost commonly used for mushroom cultivation is prepared from wheat, paddy straw and mustard straw. In this new technology, compost has been prepared from sugarcane husk. This technology has been developed by ICAR-DMR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Directorate of Mushroom Research). Scientists worked on this technique for three years. The crop waste left after the sugarcane juice is released is called bagasse. Initially people did not know the use of bagasse, but now it is used in making organic manure, biofuel, bioplastic. Now the scientists of ICAR-DMR have given a new gift to the farmers cultivating mushrooms by preparing compost from it.

In the cultivation of button mushroom, the use of sugarcane residue resulted in higher yield and higher protein content in the crop compared to conventional methods. Scientists claimed that the cost of production would also be reduced by using this technology.

These benefits of button mushroom

Beneficial for our heart and the fiber, potassium, vitamin C present in mushrooms keep blood pressure under control, and it keeps bones strong. Increases immunity, including helping to protect against cancer.

Director of DMR Solan Dr. VP Sharma said that successful training has been done to prepare button mushroom on sugarcane straw. Farmers will also get the benefit of this. The straw prepared from the husk/straw of sugarcane will be available at half the price of wheat. Mushroom yield will also be eight percent more. Mushroom is rich in protein.

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