Sunday 19 September 2021

Why the demand for Gambusia fish is increasing?

Although there are innumerable fishes in this world of fish, by following which fishermen can earn good profits, but today in this report we are going to tell you about such a fish, which is currently in other states including Uttar Pradesh. The demand is increasing rapidly.

The special thing about this fish is that it has the ability to eliminate the mosquito that spreads dengue and malaria. This fish is not just a fish, but is used as a medicine in itself. Let us know in detail about this particular fish in this article.

Fish Farmer Brothers The name of the fish about which we are making this role is Gambusia fish. Nowadays its demand is reaching its peak in Uttar Pradesh. The special feature of this fish is that it eliminates diseases like dengue and malaria from the root, keeping in mind that its demand is continuously increasing.

Keeping in mind its medicinal properties, people are getting ready to pay its exorbitant price. The cases of dengue and malaria were increasing every year in Badaun, but since the people here started using Gambusia fish, there has been a significant reduction in diseases like malaria and dengue here. If all the credit for this goes to anyone, then it is Gambusia fish. Keeping this medicinal properties in mind, the trend of most fish farmers is increasing rapidly in this direction.

In such a situation, the future of fish farmers who follow Gambusia fish looks very bright. At the same time, keeping this specialty of Gambusia fish in mind, the district administration is working in the direction of simplifying all the procedures to provide financial and administrative facilities to the traders doing business of this fish, so that these fishermen can be saved in any way. Don't have to face the problem.

However, in the meantime, there have been many such people in the district who have earned good profits by doing fish farming. One such person is Zilla-ul-Islam. The district says that 6 years ago, his father had started the business of fish farming only as a hobby, but on seeing it, it grew at such a fast pace that we had never imagined.

He says that earlier our father used to rear different types of fish, but when we realized that good profit can be earned from Gambusia fish, then we turned towards this fast, and today we are doing good profit by following it.

Along with this, he is motivating all the fish farmers to follow it, keeping in mind the medicinal properties of this fish. In such a situation, it is believed that the future of the people following Gambusia fish is very bright in the coming days.

There has also been an improvement in the economic condition of many fish farmers by following this fish. In such a situation, what changes do people have towards this fish farming going forward?

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