Saturday 11 September 2021

Farmers of Kashmir are getting double the price of saffron


The Union Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar has visited J & K.  A high level delegation led. During this, Shri Tomar and other members visited the Center of Excellence for Horticulture in Srinagar. Shri Tomar presented the certificates to the Farmer Producer Association (FPO) set up by the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) at a function organized here as part of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Tomar said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken the initiative to end the imbalance which has been going on for years and has included Jammu and Kashmir in the race of development, Prime Minister will change the fate and picture of Kashmir. Along with this, his focus is also on the development of small farmers of the country.

Shri Tomar said that this region of Jammu and Kashmir is a very important region for India. In our cultural beliefs, this region has been called the crown jewel of the country. This region is also important from the spiritual, political and agricultural point of view. The Government of India will join hands with the farmers here step by step and will also be successful in changing the fortunes of the valley in the coming tomorrow.

Hydentcity Apple Plantation

Shri Tomar informed that the Agricultural Infrastructure Fund (AIF) will get the benefit of financial assistance from protected farming. Regarding the High Density Apple Planting Program, Shri Tomar said that the Central Government wants to increase the income of the farmers by more than double as part of the efforts being made for this, where earlier about two hundred and three hundred saplings can be planted. one hectare. Were, now they seem to be more than three thousand. Earlier, due to traditional cultivation on apple trees, the crop used to come in seven-eight years, but now due to apple planting, the crop starts coming from the second year itself.  The Center of Excellence is also helping horticulture farmers a lot. Union Minister Shri Tomar also assured to release funds from AIF for Hydentity apple plantation on the request of the farmers.

He also said that the prime minister's focus is on the overall development of the small farmers of the country, who constitute about 86 per cent. Under the scheme, work has been started to create 10,000 new FPOs across the country. Agricultural reform laws have been enacted to allow private investment in agriculture and to give freedom to farmers to sell their produce to anyone and also provision made for proper platform required for contract farming.

The Union Agriculture Minister, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, during his stay in Kashmir, today visited India International Kashmir Saffron Trade Center (IIKSTC) at Palmmore, Pulwama where he interacted with the farmers growing saffron. The central government has so far provided over Rs 266 crore to Kashmir under the Rs 400 crore National Saffron Mission, while over Rs 38 crore has been given for this centre-specific one. Speaking at the event, Mr Tomar said that Jammu and Kashmir is the crown of India and there will be no dearth of funds by the Center for the development of the agriculture sector in the state. Gave information about the functioning of IIKSTC.

The Director informed that the Geo Tagging facility has increased the marketing value as well as the reach of Saffron on the national and international marketing platform. E-auction facility is provided to the farmers at IIKSTC, which ensures them a multi-functional marketing facility for their produce. It enables farmers to engage in a multi-level marketing system, where they get maximum benefit from their produce. Later, an interactive session of saffron growers, progressive farmers and stakeholders was held with the team of Ministers and Parliamentarians.

During this, farmers said that earlier they could get only about one lakh rupees per kg of saffron, but due to the development of processing, grading and other facilities, they are getting more than double the price of their saffron and the quality of saffron being nice. This has also given better opportunities for export and Indian saffron will be recognized in the international market.

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