Thursday 30 September 2021

PM Modi Launched 35 New Varieties of Crops

35 new varieties of crops launched by PM Modi
35 New Varieties of Crops Launched by PM Modi


 PM Modi has dedicated 35 new varieties of crops with special qualities to the nation through video conferencing. The PM also distributed the Green Campus Awards to agricultural universities on this occasion. Also He interacted with farmers using innovative methods and also addressed the gathering.  PM said in previous the six-seven years, science and technology are being used on a priority basis to solve the challenges related to agriculture and our main focus is on more nutritious seeds, which are adapted to the new conditions especially in the changing at seasons.

What new varieties of crops have been released

PM Narendra Modi has released around 35 new crop varieties developed at the ICAR ( Indian Council of Agricultural Research) state and central agricultural universities and Krishi Vigyan Kendras. Some of them are  drought-tolerant varieties of chickpea, an infertility mosaic resistant variety of  tur, early maturing varieties of soybean, disease resistant varieties of rice and bio-fortified varieties of wheat, beans and pulse crops including millet, maize and chickpea. The purpose of these varieties is to create public awareness for the adoption of climate-resilient technologies.

Varieties with these special properties were released

Three bacterial scorch resistant varieties of paddy - Pusa Basmati 1886, Pusa Basmati 1847 and Pusa Basmati 1885 were released. CFMV-1 of Maize with 6 varieties of Wheat viz. HI 1636, HUW 838,  DBW 327, MP (JW) 1358, DBW 332, and HI 8123 Rich in protein, iron and zinc. V-2, 11 Biofortified varieties of 4 crops have been developed. Two short duration disease resistant pea and tur varieties IPH 15-3 and IPH 09-5 and short duration soybean variety NRC 138 suitable for mechanical harvesting were also released. Drought tolerant high yielding disease resistant Pusa Chana 4005, millet hybrid HHB 67 varieties have been developed on the concept of 'more crop per drop'.

What is special about these varieties?

These varieties will play an important role in tackling the twin challenge of climate change and malnutrition. This variety is pest resistant and disease resistant variety, due to which diseases will be less in the crop, which will lead to better production. Special characteristics of these varieties also include those that protect against anti-nutritional factors found in some crops that adversely affect human and animal health.

PM talks to these farmers- (Excerpts from the conversation between PM Modi and farmers)

Prime Minister speaks to Mrs. Olive Begum of Ganderbal, J&K about her journey to learn the new farming practices being used by her, the training given to other farmers and her dedication towards working for girl child education . Valley. The Prime Minister said that the girls of Jammu and Kashmir are doing well in sports as well. He also said that the needs of smallholder farmers are the priority of the government, and they get all the benefits directly.

Talking to Shri Kulwant Singh, a farmer and seed producer from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister asked how he produces different types of seeds. The Prime Minister asked how he benefited from interacting with scientists at the Agricultural Institute at Pusa and what is the trend among farmers to be in touch with such institutions. The Prime Minister praised farmers for processing their crops and adding value to them. The Prime Minister said that Govt. It is striving to provide some better value to the farmers through several initiatives like market access, good quality seeds, soil health cards.

The Prime Minister asked Mrs. Darshan Pednekar, a resident of Bardez, Goa, how she grows different crops and raises different animals. He asked Mrs. Darshana about the value addition made by her in the coconut crop. He expressed happiness on how a woman farmer is scaling new heights as an entrepreneur.

PM Modi said that the government is trying to provide every resource and infrastructure to the farmers. PM mentioned the achievements of the central government in the agriculture sector.

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