Saturday, 25 September 2021

High record food production estimates this time


Agriculture is estimated for agriculture and farming in Kharif year 2021-22. 150.50 matches are expected in the Kharif season.

As per earlier estimates for Kharif type 2021-22:

-150.50 miller (Mary) in food

Mustard - 107.04 ml


Maize - 21.24 Bad luck

Pulses - 9.45 million

Toor / Toor - 4.43 Mylar

Oilseeds - 23.39 Mylar

Meghgaur - 8.25 mylar

Season -12.72 ml

- 36.22 million (per 170 kg) (Rimani)

Jute and Mesta - 9.61 miles (per 180 kg)

Sugarcane - 419.25 Mari (Mary)

According to the first advance estimates for Kharif for 2021-22 released on 21 September 2021, the total foodgrain production in the country is estimated to be a record 150.50 million tonnes, which is higher than the average foodgrain production of the last five years. 2015-16 to 2019-20). In comparison, 12.71 million tonnes is more. Although the government had set a target of 15143 million tonnes of food grains production in Kharif this year, against which the first advance estimates are expected to be lower.

Let's start with paddy(rice) because the most important crop which estimate for 2021-22 is 107.04 million tonnes which is higher 9.21 million tonnes where the average production for 97.83 million tonnes last five years 2015-16 to 2019-20.

As per our ministry production of nutritive/coarse cereals is around 34 million tonnes, which is higher by 2.11 million tonnes than the average production of 31.89 million tonnes.

Let's see about pulses, its production during 2021-22 is estimated to be 9.45 million tonnes which is 1.39 million tonnes higher than the average pulses in kharif is 8.06 million tonnes.

Higher demand of oil seeds in today's markets  where oil seeds in the country is estimated to be 23.39 million tonnes during 2021-22, which is higher by 2.96 million tonnes than the average oil seeds production of 20.42 MMT.

Sugarcane is also calculated as most important production in the country, its estimated 419.25 million tonnes during 2021-22. Also, its production for current year i.e 2021-2022 is higher by 57.18 million tonnes than the average sugarcane production of 362.07 million tonnes.

In the end we see production of cotton is estimated around 36.22 million bales at 170 kg bales and the production of jute and mesta at 9.61 million bales at 180 kg bales.

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