Thursday 23 September 2021

Farmer's loss due to adulteration in soybean seed


Farmer Mr. Mansaram Khode and his wife Vanmala Khode of village Dhavadikhapa Tehsil Pandhurna district Chhindwara had bought 30 bags of soybean variety RVS-2001-4 from Agriculture Development Block Pandhurna, but when they were sown, after germination it was found that the said seeds was mixed in. The seed was of RVS-2001-4, which has been alleged to have mixed with other varieties. Due to this adulterated seed, the crop of the farmer has been affected and he has suffered loss of lakhs. Apart from the departmental officers, the victim farmer has also complained to the Chief Minister and demanded justice.

In this regard, Umesh Khode, son of the victim farmer told the farming world that this year 30 bags of seeds of soybean variety RVS-2001-4 were purchased from the office of Senior Agriculture Development Officer, Pandhurna for Kharif crop. When these seeds were sown in 10 acres, after germination it was found that the seed given by the Agriculture Department turned out to be adulterated. In the seed of RVS-2001-4, forgery was done by mixing seeds of other varieties in large quantities. 

The crop was affected due to adulterated seeds and there was a loss of about 8 lakhs. The above seed producer and marketer was supplied to the Agriculture Department by Shri Pandharinath Seed Producer Primary Cooperative Society Maryadit Wadegaon, Pandhurna District Chhindwara. Mr. Umesh told that he has been sowing this variety for 4 years, but never got any complaint before. After complaining about this matter to the Chief Minister, Agriculture Minister and departmental officers, a team had come from the district for investigation recently, in which Mr. Chanchal Bhargava from Chandangaon, SDO Mr. Deepak Chaurasia and in-charge SADO Mr. J. s. Kohle was involved. These officers have found the complaint to be true.

Role of seed mafia in adulteration?

The Agriculture Department had sold the seed to the concerned farmer after buying certified seed from the authorized seed agency Pandharinath Society, Wadegaon, so many questions are being raised on it like where and how did the adulteration take place? Did the seed mafia have any role in this case? Did the authorized agency adulterate the seeds? This is a very important matter which should be seriously investigated. State's Agriculture Minister Shri Kamal Patel has also described soybean as a loss deal, in such a situation, if the farmer cheats even in the seed purchased from the authorized agency through the Agriculture Department, then from where he will buy pure seed is important.

In this regard, Pandhurna's in-charge SADO Shri J. s. Kohle told the farming world that recently he has taken charge of the development block, so the whole matter is not known. Nevertheless, on the complaint of the concerned farmer, Panchnama was prepared by the team constituted from the district headquarters recently after inspecting the fields other than the complainant. Anomalies have been found in the crop. This matter is in the notice of the Collector. The farmer will not be harmed and actioned on inquiry report.

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