Friday 25 February 2022

Weather based advisory for next week


In view of the rising temperature and the possibility of strong winds this week, farmers are advised to apply light irrigation to crops and vegetables as per the requirement.

Sow moong and urad crops in March

In this season, for sowing of moong and urad crops in March, farmers should collect improved seeds from any certified source. Moong - Pusa Vishal, Pusa Baisakhi, PDM-11, SML-32; Urad- Pant Urad-19, Pant Urad-30, Pant Urad-35, PDU-1. Before sowing, seed should be treated with crop specific Rhizobium and phosphorus soluble bacteria.

Early sowing of okra

As per weather forecast and possibility of increasing temperature farmers are advised to sow varieties like A-4, Parbani Kranti, Arka Anamika etc. during this week as early sowing of lady's finger. There should be a sufficient moisture in the fields before sowing and use seed quantity 10-15 kg/acre.

Monitor diseases in wheat crop

Keeping in view and monitoring the diseases especially rusting in the wheat crop. Spray Dithane M-45 (2.5 g/Lit of water) temperature is suitable for yellow rust in the crop if black, brown or yellow rust is seen and it does n ot spread above 25 °C. A moist climate is necessary for brown rust with a temperature of 15 to 25 °C. Black rust requires a temperature above 20 °C and a moisture-free climate.

Prevent harmful insects in vegetables and mustard crops

Keeping in view the prevailing drought and rising temperatures, farmers should keep a watch on the attack of Chepa/aphids in all vegetable and mustard crops. To control this spray Imidacloprid in 0.25-0.5 ml/Lit of water after harvesting of vegetables. Do not harvest for a week after spraying on vegetable crops. Pay special attention to the attack of aphids, jassids on seed vegetables.

The present temperature and considering the weather is favorable for direct sowing of French bean, summer season radish etc. the temperatures is suitable for good germination of seeds. Farmers should get the improved seeds from certified sources only.

Keeping in view the weather, farmers can transplant ready-made plants of tomato, chilli, pumpkin vegetables this week.

Prevent Thrips in Onion Crop

Keep a constant watch on the attack of thrips in timely sown onion crop during this season. If insect is found, apply ear feeder at the rate of 0.5 ml. / 3 l. Spray water mixed with substance like teipol etc. (1.0 g/Ltr solution) and monitor blue spot disease. Dithane- M-45 @ 3 g/l. 

Pest control measures in tomato and brinjal crops

To protect tomato fruits from pod borer pests, farmers should install bird shelters in the field keeping in mind the season where they collect the fruits destroyed by the different pest and bury them in the ground. Also apply Pheromone Prapansh @ 2-3 Prapansh per acre to monitor fruit borer pest.

To protect the brinjal crop from twig and fruit borer, collect and destroy the affected fruits and twigs during this season. If the number of insects is high for control them you can use spinosad insecticide 48 EC spray @ 1 ml / 4 liters of water.

Prevent flower rot disease in marigold

In this season, chances of attack of flower rot disease increases in marigold, so farmers keep monitoring the crop, if symptoms appear, sprinkle Bavistin mixed in 1 g/Lit of water.

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