Monday 28 February 2022

Tips for farmers and corporate world to earn together: PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave tips to the farmers to increase their income from farming and to the corporate world to find business opportunities in the agriculture sector. In a program organized by the Ministry of Agriculture on Smart Agriculture, the PM appealed to the farmers to maintain the fertility of the cultivated land. 

He said that we have to increase this awareness among the farmers, make them innate nature to get the soil of their fields tested every one or two years. According to that which medicines and fertilizers are needed in it. There will be a scientific knowledge about it, our young scientists have developed nano fertilizer, it is a game changer in the agriculture sector, our corporate world has a lot of potential to work in this too. 

The PM said that the emphasis of our government has been on the health card, the government has given these cards to the farmers. Once upon a time there was neither a pathology lab nor people used to get tested, but now if any disease comes, pathology checkup is done first. Our Startups Our private investors can set up Soil Testing Labs on the lines of Location-to-Location Private Pathology Labs.


PM Modi said in todays time or generation  health awareness is increasing in the world. There is a growing awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles. More and more people are getting attracted towards it, its market is also increasing and we are trying to capture its market with the help of things related to it like natural farming, organic farming. What can we do with our Krishi Vigyan Kendras and agricultural universities will have to mobilize with full force to take the benefits of natural farming to the masses. 

Every one village can be adopted by our Krishi Vigyan Kendras. Our Agricultural University can target to bring 100 or 500 farmers towards natural farming in the next one year. Micro irrigation is one of the best and great means of reducing input cost and producing more. In a way, it is also a service to the environment. Saving water is a big task for mankind today. The emphasis of the government is on more crop per drop and this is also the need of the hour. It also has great potential for the business world.

The Prime Minister said that in the coming 3-4 years, we have to achieve the target of increasing the production of edible oils by about 50 percent from the current level. There is a huge scope of working in the oilseeds sector. For cropping patterns, our agri-investors should also come forward to promote crop diversification. In such a situation, the importers know what kind of machines are needed in India. 

They know what kind of things will happen and same way we can work about crops here. For this take the example of oilseeds and pulses and its great demand in the country. In such type of situations our corporate world should come forward this is surest market for you. 

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