Wednesday 23 February 2022

Cotton price again increased the interest of farmers in cotton farming


The main crop of Kharif season in Maharashtra is cotton, also known as white gold, the area under cultivation is decreasing since last few years. In its place, soybean crop is being taken. Because its rate is getting better since last few years. Soybean has become a staple crop not only in Marathwada but also in the state. 

However, given the declining rate this year, the picture was that farmers had to switch to cotton as an alternative crop due to the increasing infestation of pests like pink bollard. Weather and pest attack on the crop. Protecting it from insects is becoming very difficult and costly. This year, when the crop was in its final stages, production was halved due to unseasonal rains and an increasing outbreak of pink bollworm, but now the area under cotton will increase in the future as the impact of record cotton prices is achieved. 

The year is fixed on the upcoming Kharif season. I'll make sure In early February the price of cotton was Rs 11,000 per quintal but now the price of cotton is Rs. 10,000 has been fixed at Rs. Cotton arrivals are still on. The rate of cotton has not seen such an increase in the last ten years. This year's fall in production has led to a jump in white gold, cotton acreage will increase in the coming season.

Due to fall in production and increased demand in the market, the maximum price of cotton this season was Rs 11,500 per quintal. But the production was so low that despite the increase in prices, the loss could not be compensated. At the same time, the price of soybean had also reached Rs 11000 per quintal and there was not that much infestation of insects on it. 

The cost of cotton is high. as we know the quality of agricultural land is also deteriorating year by year or due to continuous production. After which the agriculture department was urging the farmers to choose other crops as an alternative to cotton. But now in view of the increase in rates, the Agriculture Department has claimed that it has predicted an increase in the area under cotton in the coming season. This is year or in coming kharif season the along with soybean and cotton area will also increase.

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