Thursday 24 February 2022

Basmati rice export affected in Corona, how is the current situation

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In Maharashtra, the new form of Corona, Omicron, has had an impact on agricultural exports. But now the risk is reduced and it is having a positive impact on rice exports.

The Omicron variant of Corona has had an impact on agricultural exports. At the same time, the export of basmati rice is increasing due to the decrease in the spread of omicrons. The Corona period not only affected the agribusiness but also caused huge losses to the export of rice. Production also declined. But now the trend of Omicron is decreasing and the export of Basmati rice is increasing, according to rice exporters, there was an increase of 15 to 20 percent in January compared to November, traders say that not only this, the prices have also come down . Rupee increased by 500 in the month of November. Due to the increasing outbreak of omicrons, the demand for Basmati rice was over, but now everything is said to be fine.

What exactly was the problem faced by the exporters?

Many countries were able to keep the markets afloat despite the increasing spread of Corona, but in November the circulation of Omicron was increasing rapidly, creating a situation where there was a fear of lockdown and on the other hand the transport system also collapsed. interrupted. Which was causing trouble to everyone. But now all the traffic has become normal, due to which the traders are feeling relieved.

Which varieties of rice are in increasing demand in the markets

Ninth variety of rice is coming in the market, despite this there is demand for 1121 traditional variety 1401,1509 varieties of rice are also gaining popularity in the world, demand for traditional rice is increasing from America Demand for 1121 varieties of rice in America While the demand for basmati rice is increasing for that price 10,000 quintals to 10,500 quintals specially demand comes from Gulf countries.

Increased demand of rice

While the spread of corona is reducing, market transactions are improving, it is also having a positive impact on rice, exporters said, adding that the price of basmati rice has increased compared to last year and other varieties of rice. Demand is also increasing. It is also expressed and hope that even better prices can be found in the coming time.

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