Sunday 1 October 2023

Cultivating Mushrooms in Bihar: A Golden Opportunity with a 10 Lakh Subsidy

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The agricultural landscape of Bihar is witnessing a transformation, with a golden opportunity for farmers who wish to venture into mushroom cultivation. The Bihar government, in its efforts to boost mushroom production and encourage farmers, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative under the Unified Horticulture Development Mission. This initiative provides a substantial 50% subsidy, amounting to 10 lakhs INR, to farmers interested in mushroom farming. The scheme aims to promote mushroom cultivation as it offers lucrative returns, making it a preferred choice for farmers with low incomes.

Why Mushroom Farming is Gaining Popularity

Mushroom cultivation has gained immense popularity among farmers due to its low investment-high return nature. Unlike traditional crops, mushroom farming doesn't require extensive land and can even be carried out in confined spaces like small rooms. This makes it an ideal choice for farmers with limited resources.

 Understanding the 10 Lakh Subsidy Scheme

Under the Unified Horticulture Development Mission, the Bihar government has set aside a substantial subsidy for mushroom cultivation. Farmers who wish to engage in mushroom farming can avail of this subsidy, which covers 50% of the total unit cost, amounting to a generous 10 lakhs INR. This subsidy can be used for various purposes, including purchasing mushroom seeds and compost.

Applying for the Subsidy

  • Farmers interested in availing this subsidy need to follow a straightforward application process:
  • Visit the official website of the Horticulture Department of Bihar (
  • Select the scheme "Unified Horticulture Development Mission."
  • Apply for the subsidy specifically allocated for mushroom cultivation.
  • Fill in all the required details accurately in the registration form.
  • Submit the application, and it will be reviewed for approval.

Mushroom Farming: A Viable Venture

Mushroom farming has several advantages that make it a viable venture for farmers:

Low Space Requirement: As mentioned earlier, mushroom cultivation doesn't demand vast expanses of land. Farmers can set up mushroom farms even in small rooms or unused spaces.

High Yield: Mushroom farming offers high yields in a relatively short period, allowing farmers to reap profits quickly.

Market Demand: Mushrooms are in high demand in both local and global markets. This ensures a steady income for mushroom farmers.

Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship

The Bihar government's subsidy for mushroom cultivation not only promotes agriculture but also encourages rural entrepreneurship. With access to financial assistance, farmers can take the initiative to start their mushroom farms, thus contributing to the growth of the rural economy.


In conclusion, the Bihar government's initiative to provide a 10 lakh INR subsidy for mushroom cultivation is a game-changer for farmers in the state. Mushroom farming's low investment and high returns, coupled with the generous subsidy, make it an attractive opportunity for those looking to enhance their income and contribute to rural development.

Mushroom cultivation is not only economically rewarding but also environmentally sustainable. The scheme aligns with the government's vision to uplift the agricultural sector and promote entrepreneurship in rural Bihar.

Farmers are encouraged to explore the world of mushroom farming, seize this golden opportunity, and take advantage of the substantial subsidy provided by the Bihar government.

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