Thursday 17 December 2020

Vegetables prices have fallen in Country?

vegetable prices

In the post-Corona crisis, prices of vegetables, including potatoes, were steadily increasing, while traders said that prices were going up due to reduced arrivals. Due to this, the taste of the kitchen was also becoming pale.

Mushroom prices have fallen due to farmer movement in the country. Due to the movement, mushrooms are not able to go to the outside states from here. Due to this, prices have come down. In November, the mushroom was selling at Rs 140 per kg. Now the prices have reached from 75 to 90 rupees. This is causing losses to mushroom growers. Prices of other vegetables including mushrooms have also come down due to farmer movement(Aandolan). Mushroom reaches a very low vegetable market and producers trade it in large Mandis of other states.

Due to the steep fall in the prices of cabbage, farmers have started plowing the crop in the fields. In Ludhiana, cabbage is currently being sold at Rs 2 per kg in the wholesale vegetable market. While it costs four to five rupees to produce one kilo of cabbage and transport it to the market. Due to a lack of proper price, farmers have started plowing the standing crop.

At the same time, some people are also telling the farmer movement one reason for not getting the right price for cabbage. They have said that they are not getting the right price due to a lack of supplies in the Mandis of Delhi. The prices of cabbage are always higher during the summer season, as cabbage is less in Punjab. Cauliflower comes from Himachal Pradesh but cabbage is more cultivated during the winter season. This time too, there is a bumper yield of cabbage, in such a situation it is natural to fall. Currently, two to two and a half rupees per kg of cabbage is being sold in bulk.

Vegetables were sold cheaply during the lockdown. Later, after the market opened, prices of potatoes, onions, and other vegetables started to rise steadily. Even a potato of ten rupees a kg reached 40 rupees. However, due to the increase in the arrival of other vegetables including potatoes, prices have fallen significantly. Now the prices of potatoes have come down significantly. The arrival of potatoes has started increasing and the price led to a drop in prices. Potato prices did not increase due to Lockdown. At that time, prices had increased due to less arrival. Potato prices may decrease further.

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