Monday 1 April 2024

Navigating the Agricultural Marketplace: Your Daily Guide to Commodity Prices

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Welcome to our daily blog, where we offer you a comprehensive overview of the ever-changing world of agricultural commodities. In today's fast-paced environment, staying updated on commodity prices is crucial for farmers, traders, and consumers alike. Join us as we delve deep into the latest trends, fluctuations, and insights in the agricultural marketplace.

Exploring Sivani Mandi Market Trends:

As we kick off April 1, 2024, let's dive into the bustling Sivani Mandi market. The agricultural hub is buzzing with activity, witnessing notable shifts in commodity prices. Guar, the region's prized crop, has seen a surge to ₹5070 per quintal, marking an impressive uptick of ₹40. Chickpeas are also in the spotlight, commanding a price of ₹5575 per quintal, with a modest increase of ₹25. Meanwhile, mung beans have witnessed a remarkable spike of ₹100, now trading at ₹8600 per quintal.

Delving into Specific Commodity Insights:

Guar Gum: Priced at a premium ₹10300 per quintal, reflecting a noteworthy surge of ₹100. This uptrend signals favorable market conditions for guar gum producers and traders.

Mustard Seeds: The market offers two variants, with 36 lab mustard seeds priced at ₹4850/75 per quintal, up by ₹25, while 40 lab mustard seeds are valued at ₹5200 per quintal. This diversity in pricing reflects the nuanced demands of different buyers and end-users.

Wheat: Witnessing a steady climb, wheat is now priced at ₹2400 per quintal, marking a healthy increase of ₹40. Factors such as seasonal demand, crop yields, and international market trends influence the pricing dynamics of wheat.

Pearl Millet (Bajra): Maintaining its position, pearl millet is trading at ₹2310 per quintal. As a staple food in many regions, the stability in bajra prices is essential for food security and livelihoods.

Moth Beans: Commanding a respectable price of ₹6000 per quintal, moth beans continue to be a lucrative commodity for farmers. Market demand, along with quality parameters, contributes to the valuation of moth beans.

Barley: Priced at ₹1825 per quintal, barley demonstrates stability in the market. As a versatile grain used in brewing, animal feed, and human consumption, barley prices reflect a balance between supply and demand dynamics.

Net Wire: Priced at ₹4700 per quintal, net wire remains a sought-after commodity in the agricultural sector. Quality assurance, durability, and market demand influence the pricing of net wire products.

Stay Updated with Regional Variations:

Beyond Sivani Mandi, regional disparities in commodity prices offer valuable insights into market dynamics. In Madhya Pradesh, chickpeas (MP new) are priced at ₹5750/75 per quintal, with a slight increase of ₹25. Rajasthan presents a different scenario, with new chickpeas commanding a price of ₹5775/5800 per quintal. In Uttar Pradesh, wheat is valued at ₹2525/50 per quintal, witnessing a marginal decrease of ₹45. These regional variations highlight the diverse factors influencing commodity prices, including local demand-supply dynamics, transportation costs, and regional preferences.


As we navigate the dynamic landscape of agricultural markets, staying informed is paramount. Our daily updates aim to provide you with valuable insights into commodity prices, enabling you to make informed decisions. Be sure to follow us for daily updates and stay ahead in the world of commodity trading and agriculture. Together, let's navigate the agricultural marketplace with knowledge and foresigh.  

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