Sunday 17 December 2023

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Apple Cultivation

Discover the #VanshDelicious, an early harvest, indigenous apple variety with a deep red hue, revolutionizing Himachal's apple cultivation and showcasing #HorticultureInnovation.

In a significant breakthrough, scientists at the Dr. Y. S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry (UHF), Nauni, Himachal Pradesh, have successfully identified a native variety of apple with remarkable traits. This indigenous apple variant not only promises an early harvest, two months ahead of conventional varieties but also boasts a striking deep red color. What sets this variety apart is its ability to develop its vibrant color without the need for prolonged exposure to sunlight, making it well-suited for regions with limited sunlight.

Scientific Advancements:

This pioneering research, spearheaded by Dr. Dinesh Thakur, Director of the Regional Horticultural Research and Training Center in Mashobra, under the aegis of UHF, has been ongoing for the past four years. The research focuses on the Kalika mutation in the Delicious variety, selected for its stable early coloring trait. The newly developed strain, named "Vansh Delicious," is a result of the meticulous selection of stable early coloring strains from the parent Vansh Delicious and the regular Delicious variety.

Distinctive Features of Vansh Delicious:

The most striking feature of Vansh Delicious is its ability to attain a deep red color two months earlier than traditional varieties. Unlike other apples, it doesn't necessitate extended exposure to sunlight, making it adaptable to regions with less sunshine. The University's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, emphasized the potential high demand in the market due to its early ripening and vibrant color.

Climate Adaptability:

Notably, the strain has been carefully chosen for its adaptability to the cool temperate climate prevalent in Himachal Pradesh. The research team believes that Vansh Delicious has the potential to thrive in diverse climates, showcasing its resilience to changing environmental conditions.

Market Implications:

With its early harvest and distinct characteristics, Vansh Delicious is anticipated to generate significant demand in the market. Prof. Chandel mentioned that the variety's success is attributed to its acclimatization to the cold climate, making it suitable for regions with similar conditions. The University envisions commercial success for farmers who choose to cultivate this variety.

Availability for Farmers:

To facilitate the adoption of this breakthrough in apple cultivation, the University has initiated the annual sale of fruit-bearing saplings. On the first day of the sale, more than 782 farmers purchased over 22,324 saplings from three nurseries located in Kandaghat, Rohru, and Mashobra.


The discovery of Vansh Delicious marks a significant milestone in apple cultivation, showcasing the potential for innovation in traditional farming practices. As farmers eagerly embrace this early-harvest, deep red apple variety, it not only promises economic benefits but also highlights the role of scientific research in shaping the future of agriculture. The University continues to advance its efforts in diversifying and improving fruit varieties to meet the evolving needs of farmers and consumers alike. Stay tuned for further developments as the journey of innovation in apple cultivation unfolds.

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