Saturday 24 June 2023

Guava: Exploring Exceptional Varieties for Bumper Yields

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Explore the fascinating world of Ilahabadi guava farming in India, renowned for its exquisite taste and aroma. Often referred to as "Sebia Amrood (apple Guava)," Ilahabadi guava stands out for its resemblance to apples, captivating both the local and global markets. The cultivation of Ilahabadi guava dates back to the reign of Emperor Akbar, and its unique flavor has captivated taste buds worldwide. While many believe that Ilahabadi guava farming is the key to profitable returns, there are several other exceptional varieties of guava that offer bumper yields. Let's delve into the specifics of these exceptional guava varieties.

Pant Prabhat: Among the top-notch guava varieties, Pant Prabhat holds a prominent position. Developed by the Pantnagar Agricultural University, this variety features a distinct yellow upper portion and a white interior. A single Pant Prabhat tree can yield up to 120 kilograms of guava.

Shweta: Shweta is another noteworthy guava variety developed by CISH Lucknow. Cultivating Shweta guava can be highly beneficial for farmers. These trees are comparatively shorter, and a six-year-old tree can yield up to 90 kilograms of guava. Each fruit weighs around 225 grams and possesses an impressive shelf life.

Lucknow-49: Lucknow-49 guava trees have smaller-sized fruits but boast a delightful sweetness and taste. They are widely popular among farmers. A single tree of Lucknow-49 can produce anywhere between 130 and 155 kilograms of guava, making it a preferred choice among farmers.

Thai Guava: Thai guava is an exotic variety introduced from abroad. The fruits of Thai guava start ripening within a short span of time. Due to its rarity, Thai guava holds a higher market value. Moreover, Thai guavas have a longer shelf life and can be stored for 12 to 13 days after harvesting. The trees begin yielding fruits from four to five years, with a production potential of up to 100 kilograms.

Lalit: Lalit guava is an outstanding variety developed by CISH Lucknow. Each fruit of Lalit guava weighs up to 200 grams and exhibits a saffron colour, while the flesh appears pink. A six-year-old Lalit guava tree can yield approximately 100 kilograms of guava. This variety is highly regarded among guava cultivators.

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#ilahabadiguava #sebiaamrood #guavafarming #exceptionalvarieties #pantprabhat #shweta #lucknow49 #thaiguava #lalit #bumperyields #fruitcultivation #organicfarming #guava #guavavariety #agriculture

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