Friday 24 June 2022

Golden opportunity to earn double money by processing the crop, 50% discount on expenses


In this process, any raw grain, fruit, flower or vegetable is converted into a delicious dish or flavorful product through techniques and skills. Double earning through Food Processing: It is often seen that farmers are not able to get the right price for the crop in the mandis, due to which the farmers have to sell their produce at a low price. The main objective of farming is not only to get good production, but also to earn profit by compensating for the expenses incurred in farming. In such a situation when selling the crop does not work, then the farmers should adopt the path of food processing. Due to this, processed products are easily sold at twice the price as compared to the crop. Food processing is being promoted across the country. Especially the central government has also started 'One District One Product' scheme for this, under which state governments are giving 50 percent grant for setting up food processing units.

Subsidy in Rajasthan

With the aim of increasing the production, value addition and export of crops in the state of Rajasthan, 'Food Processing Mission' has been started, under which the state government of Rajasthan is giving 50 percent subsidy to the beneficiaries for setting up processing units. This will not only increase the income of the farmers, but will also help the youth to become self-reliant by setting up industries related to food processing.

Eligibility for application

  • The state government of Rajasthan has set the eligibility to apply under the Food Processing Mission, in which from farmers to youth can join.

Applicants can be farmers or youth farmers

  • Farmer Producer Organization or group of producers can also apply for this scheme.
  • Private companies, corporations and self-help groups along with limited liability partnership firms can also take advantage of this scheme.
  • Co-operative societies have also been linked to the eligibility of the Food Processing Mission.
  • Cooperative marketing associations already doing agriculture as well as food processing will also be able to take advantage of financial grants.

How to do Food Processing

Food processing refers to the transformation of any raw grain, fruit, flower or vegetable into a delicious food or flavorful product through techniques and skills. In this, first of all the produce of any crop is cleaned and packaging is also done by turning it into food items under the processing process.

Food processing includes processing of honey and making products from it, biscuits from coarse grains, chips-papads from potatoes, chutneys from tomatoes, jams from fruits, cheese from milk, ghee, buttermilk and butter, soya products from soybeans and lemon or mango. There are many wonderful things involved like making pickles. Most of these work is done by the domestic women without any cost. In such a situation, the Rajasthan government is giving financial grants to the farmers for setting up processing units or setting up an entire industry, which is a commendable work.

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