Wednesday 29 December 2021

What happened to mustard prices?

mustard rate

As we know, that mustard crop is still a long time to be ready and farmers are waiting for high demand, yet its price has started to fall. Prices are falling continuously day by day in the two major mustard producing states of the country. If we compare the current price with that of November, then its price was very high. 

The price of mustard was around Rs 9000 per quintal. But after that it continued to decline. In most of the mandis, most of the farmers are getting an average price of five to six thousand rupees. At the same time, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of oilseed crops. The demand for edible oils in India is almost  250 lakh tonnes annually, where  the production is only 112 lakh tonnes.

In such a situation, some question arises that why this is happening with mustard prices? Vel Shankar Thakkar, national president of All India Edible Oil Traders Federation, says that in view of the assembly elections in five states, the government is constantly trying to reduce the prices of edible oils along with the market. For this, stock limit has been imposed on oilseeds recently. Import duty on edible oils has been reduced by four times.

Because of this, there may be a softening in the price of mustard

Another reason for the fall in the current price of mustard is that the area under cultivation or sown this year increases due to good price and good price in the last year i.e. 2020. According to the survey of All India Edible Oil Traders Federation, the production of mustard in 2022 will be 30 to 40 percent more than that of 2021. Due to these reasons, the price of mustard is coming down now. However, the probability of its rate falling below the minimum support price (MSP) is very less. At present, the MSP of mustard is Rs 5050 per quintal and farmers may have to face this big challenge.

Current market update for Mustard

About 4o percent of the total mustard production of the country is produced in Rajasthan and 13 percent in Haryana. So let's see the condition of the market, from here?

Mustard 5,101 per quintal in Tonk while the model price stood at Rs 6,568. The minimum price in Gangapur City was Rs 6,433 and the model price was Rs 7,008 per quintal where 5,600 and the maximum was Rs 6,200 per quintal in Kota Mandi and the arrival was also very less it was just only 441 quintals. In Anupgarh Mandi in Sriganganagar district, only 122 quintals of mustard arrived in the market which stood at Rs.6,100 and maximum Rs.6,680 per quintal.

Talking about Rewari Mandi of Haryana, the rate was Rs 6,400 and maximum Rs 7,220 per quintal while the arrival was 326 quintal of mustard, 6,450 maximum Rs 6,770 per quintal in Adampur Mandi and Rs 6,000 and maximum Rs 6,200 per quintal in Hisar. What do you think comment.

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