Thursday 13 July 2023

Delhi Floods: Rising Yamuna Water Levels Pose Threat to the City

Rising Yamuna Water Levels Pose Threat to the City

The recent heavy rainfall has caused the Yamuna River to overflow, leading to water entering the city of Delhi. Thousands of people from low-lying areas have been relocated to safer places, while several villages have been submerged. The water has also affected major roads in Delhi, causing traffic disruptions. Even the Delhi Metro has been impacted by the floods.

Currently, Delhi is facing the onslaught of floods. This morning at 7 AM, the water level in the Yamuna River reached 208.46 meters. Continuous rainfall and the release of water from the Hathini Kund barrage have resulted in a continuous rise in the water level of the Yamuna. Today, the floods have also affected the functioning of the Delhi Metro. Due to the floods, the speed of the metro has been reduced at the Yamuna Bridge on the Red Line. Schools in the affected areas have been closed, and three water treatment plants had to be shut down, affecting the water supply in several areas for 2-3 days. 

In some areas, water has entered people's homes. More than 16,000 residents from low-lying areas have been relocated to safer places. The ISBT Kashmiri Gate area is filled with 3-4 feet of water, and the Bodh Ghat has been closed. People in the Loha Pul area are compelled to take shelter on the roofs of their homes and temples. Yesterday, at 1 PM, the Yamuna River crossed the highest recorded level of 207.49 meters. Due to the increasing water level of the Yamuna today, water has entered GT Karnal Road, resulting in significant traffic disruptions. The Kashmiri Gate area and other nearby areas have also been inundated with water.

The Delhi Police have imposed flood prone areas section 144 on public gatherings in the capital. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has advised people to move to safe places and cautioned against making public announcements in the affected areas. People have been advised to stay away from electricity lines, and in case of emergencies, they can contact the helpline number 1077.

If the current trend of rising water levels in the Yamuna River continues, it may result in water spreading to areas such as Delhi Gate, New Delhi Railway Station through ITO, Connaught Place, and Pragati Maidan.

Delhi is currently grappling with the alarming rise in the water levels of the Yamuna River. People living in low-lying areas are facing the brunt of the floods, and rescue teams are using boats to reach some areas. The areas of South-East Delhi, East Delhi, and North-East Delhi are surrounded by water on all sides. Due to the water released from the Hathini Kund barrage in Haryana, water has reached GT Karnal Road, Kashmiri Gate, Outer Ring Road, Yamuna Bazaar, ITO, and Delhi Gate.

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