Sunday 15 January 2023

The government has fixed the rate, for the first time millet will be procured on MSP


The minimum support price is announced by the central government every year before sowing of Kharif and Rabi crops. This time also the support price of Rabi crops has been announced in which the MSP of Rabi crops has been increased as compared to last year. On the same lines, the UP government has already fixed the MSP of Bajra before the central government. 

Bajra is a Kharif crop dut due to the decision to celebrate 2023 as the Millet Year, the UP government has first fixed the rate of purchase of millet in its state, so that farmers can increase the production of millet in the state by sowing more and more millet in the Kharif season. . At present, only the MSP of millet has been fixed by the state government. The MSP of other coarse grain crops will also be decided soon. In this, Sava, Kodo, Jowar and other millet crops will be included. Explain that every year the central government fixes the minimum support price of major crops of Rabi and Kharif. 

Under which declares minimum support price of 6 Rabi and 14 Kharif and 4 commercial crops. In this way, the central government issues the MSP of 24 crops every year. But in most of the states, only a few crops are procured at MSP. In such a situation, the UP government has fixed the rate of millet in its state for the benefit of the farmers, which will benefit the farmers.

What is the rate of bajra fixed in UP?

The government rate of millet has been fixed at Rs 2350 per quintal by the UP government. Now the farmers of the state will be able to sell millet crop to the government on this MSP. This will benefit the farmers that if the rate of millet in millet is low, then the farmers will be able to get profit by selling it at MSP. According to media reports, officials said that apart from millet, the MSP of other coarse grain crops will be declared by next year.

How much millet is produced in UP

The state produces about 50 lakh metric tonnes of millet, which is 19.69 percent of the country's total millet production. The UP government is laying emphasis on increasing the production of millet in the state. The state government is planning for this. Under this, the production of coarse grains will be encouraged. Under the proposed action plan, the state government will lay emphasis on increasing the area under millet cultivation, its production and productivity. The area under millet cultivation in the state was 9.80 in 2022, which will be increased to 10.19. And the productivity which is currently 24.55 quintals per hectare will be increased to 25.53 quintals per hectare. Similarly, work will be done to increase the area under Jowar cultivation. At present, the area under cultivation of jowar in the state is 2.15 lakh hectare, which will be increased to 2.24 lakh hectare. Similarly, the area of Kodo and Sanwa will be increased.

These works will be done to increase the production of millet

To promote the production of millet, the area of millet will be expanded through cluster demonstration, shared seed distribution scheme by the UP government. Under this, work will be done on free seed minikit distribution scheme to the farmers.

Production of millet is most suitable in drought conditions

Bajra is a low water crop. It has the ability to tolerate drought. Therefore millet can be produced in less water. Millet is able to deal with water scarcity and drought conditions easily. Its cultivation requires up to 70 percent less water than other crops. Not only this, there is less need of pesticides in this, due to which the expenditure of farmers on spraying pesticides is saved. In this era of climate change, cultivation of millet can prove to be very beneficial for the farmers. As this year is being celebrated as Millet Year. In this, this year the government will promote the cultivation of nutritious grains in the country, which will benefit both the farmers and the citizens of the country.

MSP of Rabi crops for 2023

MSP of wheat Rs 2125 per quintal

Barley MSP Rs 1735 per quintal

MSP of gram Rs 5335 per quintal

MSP of lentils Rs 6000 per quintal

Mustard MSP Rs 5450 per quintal

MSP of safflower Rs 5650 per quintal

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