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Cultivate Azolla in the paddy field


Paddy occupies an important place among the crops grown in Kharif season. Paddy cultivation is the predominant practice in many states. If Azolla is also cultivated in the paddy field, then farmers can get a lot of benefit. Alzola is no less than a boon for paddy. 

Azolla contains sufficient amount of nitrogen which is helpful in increasing the fertility of the soil. It fulfills the shortage of chemical fertilizers in paddy, due to which the use of chemical fertilizers in paddy cultivation has to be reduced, which reduces the cost. Apart from this, Azolla is also a good fodder for milch animals. By eating it, the milk of the animals increases. 

Looks like a green coating on the water. The blue green algae cyanobacteria are found at the bottom of this fern as a symbiont, which converts atmospheric nitrogen. Its nitrogen conversion rate is about 25 kg per hectare. Explain that nitrogen is very beneficial for the health of the soil. 

Therefore, the cultivation of Azolla benefits both the paddy crop and the field land. As a green manure, Azolla is grown alone in a waterlogged field for two to three weeks, later, the water is taken out and Azolla fern is added to the field before transplanting paddy or paddy. One week after transplanting, 4-5 quintals of fresh Azolla is sprayed in the waterlogged field. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizers in paddy and increases production.

Benefits of Azolla cultivation

  • It can be used as green manure in both Kharif and Rabi seasons by mass production.
  • Green manure made from Azolla improves soil health. This increases the fertility of the soil, thereby increasing the yield.
  • Azolla also suppresses minor weeds like fodder in paddy field.
  • It reduces the rate of evaporation from the irrigated paddy field.
  • It increases the efficiency of use of chemical fertilizers.
  • It releases plant growth regulators which are helpful in the growth of paddy.
  • Azolla can act as an alternative to chemical nitrogen fertilizers (20 kg/ha) to an extent and it increases the yield and quality of the crop.

What are the precautions to be taken in the cultivation of Azolla

  • The pH temperature should be between 5.5 to 7 for Azolla cultivation.
  • It is necessary to maintain an environment free from infection for good yield.
  • It should be cut regularly for good growth of Azolla.
  • For good growth of Azolla, it is necessary to have a temperature of about 35 degree Celsius. To reduce the effect of cold weather in cold regions, the fodder bed should be covered with a plastic sheet.
  • For growing Azolla, such a place should be selected where there is direct and sufficient sunlight. Because the yield is less in the shaded place.
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