Monday 21 March 2022

Danger of fire in wheat crop?

gehu me aag

As the heat is increasing, the danger of arson in the standing wheat crop is also increasing in the villages. Farmers need to be very careful these days. The wheat crop is ripe and ready. Somewhere harvesting is going on, somewhere new wheat is reaching the market. Meanwhile, incidents of fire in standing wheat crop due to power failure or other reasons have come to the fore.

Farmers are requested not to consume bidi-cigarettes( smoke) near standing wheat crop. If transformers are installed near the fields or in the field, then the farmer brothers should first harvest the crop around it and clean it. Try to avoid short circuit in the electrical wires. Keep proper arrangement for this. Keep the sprayer pump in the fields filled with water, so that as soon as a fire starts it can be extinguished immediately. 

To prevent fire incidents due to short circuit, the power company should not supply electricity to the fields during the day. In order to avoid arson every year during the day of wheat harvesting. In India especially in wheat zone  the electricity of the fields is switched off during the day for 15-20 days.

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