Sunday 16 January 2022

Sugarcane MSP price hiked in Rajasthan


There is good news for sugarcane farmers of Rajasthan. Now the price of sugarcane has been increased by Rs 50 in the state. With this, sugar mills of Rajasthan will now be able to buy sugarcane from farmers at Rs 360 per quintal. Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, now the Rajasthan government has also increased the prices of sugarcane. This decision for the farmers or in the interest of sugarcane growing farmers, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has approved an increase of Rs 50 per quintal in the sugarcane price by the Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills for the current crushing season 2021-2022. You will get a good price. Procurement for early variety sugarcane Rs 360/Q, medium grade sugarcane Rs 350/Q, late variety sugarcane Rs 345/Q.

In this crushing year, the farmers or cultivators who grow sugarcane will get an additional income of about Rs 5 crore to the state. Let us inform that for a long time, there was a demand from the sugarcane growing farmers of the state to increase the purchase rate of sugarcane. Taking a decision on this demand, CM Ashok Gehlot has increased the rate of sugarcane. This will greatly benefit the farmers here. According to other states, the production of sugarcane in Rajasthan is very less and only 0.5% of the country's sugarcane is produced, due to which there are only three sugar mills here. As per the records, Bundi district in Rajasthan leads in sugarcane production, where sugarcane is cultivated in about 4,000.90 hectares and Rajasthan has cultivated 2,85,000.05 tonnes of sugarcane during 2020-21.

The price of sugarcane is Rs 362 per quintal in Haryana, Rs 360 per quintal in Punjab, Rs 350 per quintal in UP, Rs 360 per quintal in Rajasthan. As per the old records and estimates for 2015-16, Uttar Pradesh is the  top producer it produces an estimated 145.39MT (million) of sugarcane, which is 41.28 per cent of the all-India production. Sugarcane is sown in UP is around  2.17 lakh hectares, which is around 43 percent of all India sugarcane cultivation. About 48 lakh farmers are engaged in sugarcane cultivation in the state. And there are also the largest number of sugar mills that buy sugarcane from farmers. Despite this, the rate of sugarcane here is low as compared to other states.

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